Nutritionists Continue Key Program In Animal Science Department

For livestock producers, the cost of feed represents at least half of annual expenses. “Nutrition is the key element in the production of animal protein to enhance the human diet,” says Maynard Hogberg, animal science department chair.

Iowa State’s animal nutrition program was ranked among the best during the 1960s and ‘70s. “The university’s graduates were highly sought and filled many of the open faculty and industry positions in the country,” Hogberg says. “Many of the faculty were considered leaders in the field, so their graduate students were in demand.”

Lance Baumgard was recognized April 15 at a medallion ceremony as the first holder of the Norman L. Jacobson Endowed Professorship in Dairy Science. Baumgard (right) is shown here with Jacobson.

As those nutritionists retired, many weren’t replaced. But within the last two years, with help from two Iowa commodity groups, five nutrition experts have been added to the animal science faculty.

Lance Baumgard

Joined Iowa State in May 2009. His research focus is mechanisms involved with determining how nutrients are used. Baumgard teaches both undergraduate and graduate level courses and participates in seminars for dairy producers and allied industries.

Nicholas Gabler

Joined the animal science department faculty in August 2008. His swine research program focuses on understanding and improving feed efficiency in swine production, and how nutrition can maximize intestinal health and function. Gabler teaches animal nutrition to both undergraduate and graduate students. The Iowa Pork Producers Association provided $100,000 to support this position.

Stephanie Hansen (’02 animal science)

Returned to Iowa State in August 2009. Her research area is beef feedlot cattle nutrition. Specific interests include sulfur metabolism in cattle, mineral absorption and utilization in the rumen and intestine, and nutrient interactions. Hansen teaches, including an advanced animal nutrition class she took as an undergrad that was a deciding factor in her pursuing graduate studies.

John Patience

Arrived at Iowa State in September 2008. He has applied swine nutrition research projects underway in three areas — energy metabolism, feed ingredient evaluation and feeding management. Patience also is involved with graduate student training and extension activities. The Iowa Pork Producers Association provided $100,000 to support this position.

Mike Persia

Arrived at Iowa State in August 2009. His research area is poultry nutrition and management, focusing on applied approaches to intestinal maintenance and nutrient management. Additional responsibilities include advising and teaching at Iowa State and at the Midwest Poultry Consortium. The Iowa Egg Council provided $100,000 to support this position.