Online Extras – Spring 2010

PG 2: For information on borrowing a smaller scale “Tug-of-War with Grain” or other farm safety display from ISU for a farm safety camp, county fair, or other youth group activity visit:

PG 7: For a slideshow from the 2009 Chuckwagon Breakfast visit:

PG 12: To visit the Wildlife Care Clinic online or learn how to donate visit:

PG 19: The ISU Extension Web site Managing Financial Tough Times for Livestock Producers offers a cross section of contacts and content that serves many producer needs. In addition to connecting producers with online resources, ISU livestock specialists offer a variety of educational opportunities – large conferences, small group workshops and discussion groups, on-farm hands-on training, tours and field days. For details and a link visit:

PG 22: Learn more about the George Washington Carver Internship Program and Science Bound.

PG 23: Visit Bonnie Hoffmann’s farm online and watch an interview with her at:

PG 25: Read an essay on the history of the ISU-USDA corn breeding program by Arnel Hallauer, C. F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor in Agriculture and Life Sciences and agronomy emeritus professor at

PG 28: Learn more about ISU’s partnerships with producer groups the Iowa Pork Producers Association and the Iowa State Dairy Association.

PG 29: Learn more about the Iowa State Dairy Association at and the Iowa Pork Producers Association at