Student Achievement—Spring 2012

Agricultural Weekend Experience Offers New Perspectives

The college’s Agricultural Weekend Experience (AWE) gives students majoring in agriculture and life sciences the opportunity to interact with Iowa families and the agriculture community. Participants spend the weekend as guests on a working family farm. This fall, 11 students participated in the AWE program. Carly Martin, student intern in the college communications office, coordinated the program. The ISU Agricultural Endowment Board and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences sponsor AWE. Participants say the program helped broaden their understanding of agriculture.

“I saw that farming is not as cheap as I thought it was. It made me realize that you never know how something is until you get out there and experience it, which is what this program has allowed me to do.” Khadija Brown, a freshman in animal science pre-vet from Chicago.

“The weekend answered many of my questions with first-hand examples like allowing us to use the equipment.” Chawn McGrath, a freshman in animal science from Pennsylvania.

“This program is very beneficial for any student in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Whether a student has a farming background or not, it can give someone a new perspective on how farms are operated.” Katelyn Gardner, a junior in public service and administration from Vinton.

“The AWE program showed me what a true Iowa family farm is like and it was interesting to see all the hard work and challenges that go along with farming.” Kelsey Regan, a junior in agricultural biosystems technology from Davenport.

Cals Students Receive All-university Seni Or Award

Four of the five student-recipients of the ISU Wallace E. Barron All-University Senior Award were from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The award recognizes outstanding seniors who display high character, outstanding achievement in academics and university/community activities and promise for continuing these exemplary qualities as alumni. CALS recipients for 2012 were: Sam Bird, global resource systems and economics; Sagar Chawla, biology and global resource systems; Scott Henry, agricultural business, finance and international agriculture; and Amy Peyton, agricultural business, economics, public service and administration in agriculture and international agriculture.

Students Elected To National Leadership Positions

Danielle Hamilton, a senior in agricultural and life sciences education, was elected president of the National Postsecondary Agriculture Student Organization and Logan Lyon, a junior in agronomy, was elected president-elect at the group’s national meeting in November. Rachel Owen, a senior in global resource systems and agronomy, was elected national vice president of Students of Agronomy, Soils and Environmental Sciences at the American Society of Agronomy in October.

Cals Women Honored For “impacting” ISU

Four women from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences were honored by the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics on the sixth annual Women Impacting ISU calendar. Molly Heintz (right), a senior in animal science; Alejandra Navarro, a senior in animal ecology; Sharon Bird, associate professor of sociology; and Shelley Taylor, assistant director of Global Agriculture Programs were selected to appear on the 2012 calendar.

Slide Show: New Graduate Encourages Students To Continue Their Adventures

Write your story and continue the adventure you started in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences: That was the advice of convocation speaker Ashley Dermody, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in agronomy in December. Hear her complete address and see a photo slideshow online at