Online Extras – Fall 2012

Page 2 – “Astonishing Tales of the New Biology” Plant Sciences Institute Comic

Page 5 – Symbi, NSF-funded program placing graduate students in Iowa

classrooms as resident scientists

Page 10 – Learn more about Wes Buchele, ISU professor emeritus in

agricultural engineering, inventor of the large round baler

Page 11 – Biographical video of Allen Christian, former manager of Iowa State

University’s Swine Teaching Farm; George Beal, emeritus Charles F. Curtiss

Distinguished Professor of Sociology STORIES article

Page 13 – Read more about Bethany Olson in the Agriculture Future of America newsletter

Page 16 – Andrew Paxson’s research with the Science With Practice program

Page 17 – Aubrie James’s internship at Harvard Forest

Page 19 – Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust

Page 31 – Global Resource Systems major

Page 35 – Turtle Camp Research and Education in Ecology

Page 36 – Read more about Sarah Myers who overcame cancer and family tragedy to complete her veterinary medicine degree; Visit Fred Hoibar contestant for Iowa State Fair Biggest Boar competition

Page 38 – Farm Service Agency; ISU Extension and Outreach