Iowa Connections

Extension and Outreach gives Iowa State a 99 county campus. Nearly 1,000 faculty and staff on campus and across the state and 100 county extension offices

NORTHWEST: CALS Students: 320; Alumni: 794; Extension Assisted: 144,500

Beginning Farmer Center

The Beginning Farmer Center celebrates 20 years of helping Iowa farm families, like the Schroeders, gain the skills and information they need to keep the farm in the family and continue building the family legacy. Meet the Schroeders at

NORTH CENTRAL: CALS Students: 963; Alumni: 1,518; Extension Assisted: 172,090

Annie’s Project Prepares Farm Women

Annie’s Project is designed to help farm women, like Sandra Laubenthal of Kossuth County, manage all five areas of agriculture risk: financial, human resources, legal, marketing and production. Meet Laubenthal and learn more about the program at


NORTHEAST: CALS Students: 606; Alumni: 1,092; Extension Assisted: 259,270

Water Quality Initiative For Small Iowa Beef And Dairy Feedlot Operations

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach hosts field days to demonstrate practices and management techniques throughout Iowa. In Dyersville, one such program helps small dairies and beef feedlots address potential water quality impacts of runoff from outside open lot areas. Learn more at


SOUTHEAST: CALS Students: 595; Alumni: 1,083; Extension Assisted: 317,000

 “Market on Main – Where Ideas Grow”

Iowa State Extension’s Value Added Agriculture program helps support community projects like Market on Main in Ottumwa, Iowa. A vacant business in downtown Ottumwa was recently renovated into a year round indoor market focused on local food, which will allow producers to better connect with consumers. Visit Market on Main at


SOUTHWEST: CALS Students: 863; Alumni: 1,559; Extension Assisted: 357,630

Armstrong Memorial Research And Demonstration Farm

Iowa State University’s research farm network, powered by local associations, serves as an outlet for conducting trials and sharing research results across the state. The Armstrong Memorial Research and Demonstration Farm is home to research on crop and forage management, nutrient application and All-American Variety Selection. Check out this farm and others at