Online Extras – Fall 2017

Page 22: Learn more:

Page 31: Learn more about Rob Stout and his commitment to conservation online in this video by the Coalition to Support Iowa Farmers and Iowa Learning Farm’s Conservation Chat.

Page 33: Read more about Natalina Sents’ Why I Farm road trip online and read her complete story on Erin Brenneman (’04 animal science), of Iowa, and Brandon Wong, of Hawaii.

Page 35: Joe Kerns (’86 agricultural business), risk management consultant and president of Kerns and Associates in Ames, Iowa, presented the 2017 William K. Deal Endowed Leadership Lecture, Oct. 5 at Iowa State. Kerns’ presentation, “Suddenly, suddenly, then all of the sudden: A tale of resiliency, entrepreneurship and the value of mentors,” is available online.