Young Alum of the Month – July 2014

Tyler Romoser

Title and Company:
Technical Training Instructor, Case New Holland Industrial

Keota, Iowa

Major and Graduation Date:
‘12 agricultural systems technology, agronomy minor

Main Job Responsibilities:

As a technical training instructor for Case New Holland Industrial (CNH Industrial), my primary responsibility is to design, develop and lead training courses for our dealer technicians across the United States, Canada and several other countries. From these training courses, technicians gain a better understanding of how the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems work in unison to drive our equipment as well as the best methods to diagnose and correct any issues that may arise. The goal is to provide the technicians with the knowledge and resources necessary to keep our customers productive and profitable. Of the many product lines that CNH sells and supports, my area of focus primarily lies with precision farming systems and Case IH grain harvesting equipment.

What do you like most about your position at CNH Industrial?

The aspect I enjoy the most is the fact there is no typical day on the job. Regardless of what topic I happen to be teaching during a given week, I am always surrounded by a group of people who come from different farming backgrounds, have different levels of experience and bring different farming practices and methods to the table.

How did Iowa State University prepare you for a career in agriculture?

The course load and curriculum within the agricultural systems technology major truly helped me refine my analytical, critical thinking and technical skills. These skills are absolutely critical when it comes to solving any type of electrical or hydraulic problem on any piece of agricultural machinery, regardless of brand. It is vital to have the critical thinking skills necessary to accurately identify symptoms, determine what could be potentially causing an issue and how to best reach a solution.

What is your favorite memory as an ISU student?

I have many great memories of my time at Iowa State, but beating Oklahoma State in double overtime in 2011 is one I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. When the stadium opened, my friends and I managed to scramble our way to the first row of the student section and were some of the first people to rush the field once the game was over. It doesn’t get much sweeter than a major upset and getting to sing “Sweet Caroline” with thousands of your closest friends on the field in Jack Trice.

Do you have any role models that impacted you at Iowa State?

It would be extremely difficult for me to single out one individual. Just about every professor or instructor throughout my college career had a positive impact and challenged me to reach higher.

What advice would you give to current students?

1.Use Your Resources –
Whether you’re looking for someone to proofread your resume before a career fair, run through interview questions before you sit down with a potential employer, or simply figuring out which major is the best fit for you, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has numerous resources and people that can be of great benefit. Talk with your advisor, get to know your professors and swing by career services every once in a while – it all pays off!

2.Get Involved –
Employers certainly take notice of the clubs and activities you are involved with, but that will likely only get you so far. What employers really like to see is that you took on leadership roles, held responsibilities and put in extra time to make your club or organization successful. So if you really want to stand out, you have to step up!

3.Be an Advocate for Agriculture –
If you want to pursue a career in agriculture, it is important to be an advocate for agriculture. Make it a personal goal to share a positive agriculture story with someone every chance you get!

Fun Fact:

Romoser’s photo is featured in many Case IH marketing materials, including a toy semi.