Online Extras

Page 19: Hear the entire conversation and catch scenes from the discussion with Daniel J. Robison, CALS Endowed Dean’s Chair and director, Agriculture Experiment Station, and former CALS deans in a video online.

Page 29: Click here to learn more about the collaborative Iowa Farm Animal Care coalition including videos with animal welfare experts. IFAC invites questions or concerned citizen reports regarding Iowa livestock via its toll free number, 1-800- 252-0577, or at Those who call can be assured their information is confidential. Questions about companion animals, including horses, should be directed to local animal control or rescue leagues.

Page 33: Hear from alumni participants and organizers of the Dean’s Global Agriculture and Food Leadership program online in a special 10 year anniversary video.

Page 37: To watch Ken Isley’s full lecture and learn more about his experiences leading the U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service watch this online video.