CALS Community Feature: Antonio Rodriguez

headshot of Antonio RodriguezName: Antonio Rodriguez (junior, global resource systems, animal science)

Hometown: Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Cultural identity: Puerto Rican

What has been your favorite class?
Globe 496: Sustainable Global Resource Systems in The Netherlands & Uganda. This was my favorite class because it offered me the opportunity to learn about the culture shock that one encounters when traveling internationally. The class allows students to learn how people are different around the world, as well as our similarities, even being continents apart. For example, when I was in Uganda I saw we were connected by the meals we shared. I also learned how the roots of my culture descended from many countries. I would not have experienced those things without getting outside of my comfort zone and participating in a study abroad experience.

ISU faculty/staff member who has been impactful to you:
Elizabeth Martinez Podolsky, CALS director of multicultural student success and Maggie Sprecher, student services specialist in global resource systems, really helped me prepare to take all the opportunities that come forth and better prepare myself my professional career. They are a great resource for many opportunities at Iowa State.

Photo of Antonio working with the US Farm ReportFavorite ISU Adventure:
I had a great research experience in bee health. It allowed me the great opportunity of creating a network in the entomology department. I learned a lot about the importance of bee health, all that they contribute to our survival and the importance they have in maintaining a beautiful and sustainable ecosystem.

I also got the opportunity to share my CALS story on national television when I was interviewed by the U.S. Farm Report (37:40 minute-mark).

What other unique opportunities, activities or student organizations have you been active with during your time at Iowa State?
The Puerto Rican Student Association (PRSA) led me to meet other students from Puerto Rico. Many of the activities they incorporate through the year help other students with multicultural backgrounds connect. Their Puerto Rican Night welcomes all students and Puerto Rican food is served as well as an opportunity for newcomers to learn salsa and dance the night on.

Antonio’s Favorite Resources to Build #CALScommunity:
Book: City of Beasts trilogy, by Isabel Allende

Social media account: @medicaltalks